The Avocado Show

At my last Amsterdam vacation, I had a chance to experience ‘The Avocado Show’ breakfast. Of course I also tried dessert for coffee time. The idea for The Avocado Show came from the avocado itself. They say ‘Just enjoying it in any shape and form is inspiring. Our favorite super fruit in the world is nutritious, versatile, yummy, good looking and basically LIFE!’ This restaurant was on the top of  my wishlist before I went Amsterdam. The atmosphere and presentation that they called ‘show’ is so good, but I think the whole experience is overrated in media. The taste is just fair enough and the range of the menu is limited. Nevertheless I recommend to see this green and lovely place and live your own experience. After I turned back to my home, they’ve added new options on their menu. And every day or every month they keep going to introduce new tastes with avocado. I can not stop myself to remind that ‘Avocado is the most nutritious fruit which contains high fiber, healthy fat and protein.’ Enjoy the show;)

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