New Trend; Super Bowls

You can see these days bowls on your social media posts, super or Buddha bowls everywhere. If you wonder (like me) to learn what are these protein bowls, here it’s coming.
Super bowl is a healthy way of getting a balanced meal. Clean eating at it’s finest. They’re meals in bowls (hence half of the name) and Buddha had a round belly (hence the other half). Buddha Bowls are made up of healthy grains (think quinoa or brown rice), raw or cooked veggies (thye more nutritional the better), a healthy fat (avocado, hello), a protein (eggs or chickpeas) and a whole bunch of greens. It’s basically simple is as simple does.
The largest one, Buddha Bowl symbolizes Buddha’s head and his wisdom. The other bowls are progressively smaller.

This is also the formal style of serving and eating meals practiced in Zen temples.

Now if you prefer healthy living or try to start a healthy life, you can start with eating one of these bowls. Here’s the one of Buddha Bowl which is made in 8 Fingers, Cihangir, Istanbul. There are more range of bowls, you should definitely try;)

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